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Because we bring quality and service to the forefront All Safe has become one of the largest DOT cylinder service centers in the country. Our 30 years of experience, attention to detail and technical knowledge give you the piece of mind you want when having your cylinders re-certified.

We offer Hydrostatic testing and visual inspection to re-certify high and low pressure cylinders. In addition, our reconditioning services include Aluma Furb, De-Labeling, Stenciling, Eddy Current Testing, Internal Shot-Blasting, External Blasting and Painting, and more. Reconditioning your cylinders is a great way to be eco-friendly while saving you money!

Our facility handles hundreds of thousands of cylinders every year so you can count on us to be your total solution cylinder resource. With quick turn-around time and company operated delivery routes your cylinders are ready when you need them.

Hydrostatic Testing
Is an industry standard method of re-qualifying (certifying) pressure vessels (compressed & packaged gas cylinders) to determine whether they are safe for continued use. The process involves in-depth visual examinations of both the interior and exterior of the cylinder, along with a water pressure test of the cylinder. Hydrostatic testing, or cylinder re-qualifying, is required by the Department of Transportation for refrigerant cylinders, SCUBA tanks, SCBA tanks, aircraft cylinders, fire extinguisher cylinders, beverage (CO2) cylinders, and common compressed gas cylinders, such as: oxygen, argon, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, air, nitrous oxide, and many others.

Aluma Furb
Completely refurbish your aluminum cylinders making them look like new!! This fantastic process re-finishes and clear coats your tank to give them new life. When coupled with a hydrostatic test (re-certification), Aluma Furb is a very cost effective alternative to purchasing new cylinders, returning your cylinder to a “like new” condition for half the price!

Aluminum Cylinder Cleaning / Label Removal
Your aluminum oxygen cylinders can be made to look nearly new again using our proprietary cleaning process and painting the shoulder of the cylinder again. This is a lower cost alternative to completely refurbishing the cylinder and is usually done when a cylinder is in need of it's re-certification and is already in our facility.

Cylinder and Keg Silkscreening, Stenciling, Embossing and Neck Rings
We can silk screen your logo, stencil or stamp your name on your cylinders. We can also replace or retighten neck rings. Click for Customization Details (PDF).

Propane Recertification
Due 12 years after the original manufacturer date and every 5 years thereafter. In addition to recertifying your propane cylinders we are able to process reconditionable tanks by blasting and painting them.

Cylinder Exterior Blasting and Painting
All Safe uses cylinder blasting machines which remove all paint, scale and exterior contaminants from the cylinder. This process prepares the cylinder with an ideal surface for applying exterior coatings to your cylinders.

Internal Shot Blasting (ISB)
ISB is the most effective method of removing rust and corrosion from inside steel cylinders. This process obsoletes cylinder tumbling.

Delivery and Turnaround Time
We understand your need for a quick turn around on orders. At All Safe we aim to impress. We have our own fleet of commercial vehicles running regular trucking routes within 600 miles of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and have great freight rates for areas beyond. With our cylinder service operating daily, your cylinders will be ready when you need them.

Safety Tip: Close your valve when the cylinder is not in use to prevent internal corrosion and contamination.

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